New guide published: redundant L2TP routing

Leah Rowe

2 January 2023

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Article published by: Leah Rowe

Date of publication: 2 January 2023

I previously wrote a guide, showing how to route static IPv4/v6 subnets via over an L2TP tunnel provided by Andrews & Arnold (AAISP), a very good ISP in the UK that also provides the tunnel service.

That guide showed you how to route through one internet connection, with no redundancy of any kind.

I’ve since written a new tutorial, as a follow-up extension to the main L2TP guide, showing how to add a 2nd internet connection for redundancy:

Redundant routes (2nd internet connection) via A&A/AAISP L2TP

The exact setup, as described in that new guide, now provides routing for both (this website) and, plus many other websites and services that I host.

With this setup, you can enjoy reduced downtime, though it’s quite a bit more complex and of course, you must pay for the additional internet connection. It is optional, but highly recommended. Have fun!

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