Fedfree Git repository now hosted on codeberg

Leah Rowe

9 April 2023

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Article published by: Leah Rowe

Date of publication: 9 April 2023

The new git repository is now hosted on codeberg:

It’s the same repository, but I’ve been moving all of my projects to codeberg, due to reliability issues with Notabug. The notabug repository hosting the Fedfree website markdown files will still be pushed to, for as long as notabug is online:

Any issue reports or pull requests should now be done on the Codeberg repository.

I did the same thing earlier for Libreboot, and I’m doing it on Fedfree for the same reasons. You can read about that here, on the Libreboot site:


That is all.

Markdown file for this page: https://fedfree.org/news/codeberg.md

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