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Fedfree is a website aimed at teaching people how to run their own servers, of various kinds, on libre operating systems e.g. Linux and BSD. It aims to do this, using libre software exclusively, teaching people about the importance of libre software and hardware as it pertains to freedom; the right to use, study, adapt, share. The right to read. Universal access to knowledge… education. Education is the goal.

Fedfree’s mission is to bring back the real internet to normal people, the one where you can have your own unique voice on the internet, without plugging into the hive mind that is websites like twitter or youtube.

Most of the internet’s problems exist, precisely because of modern centralised providers holding us back from true innovation.

The goal is to spread libre software ideology, while providing a practical means for people to know how to conduct themselves, such as:

The real internet exists. Fedfree’s mission is to teach you how to use it. Every part of it. To most people, it is hidden. Your ISP might put you behind a CGNAT for example, or outright ban you from opening ports; one of Fedfree’s goals is to teach you how to set up various kinds of tunnel connections e.g. SSH port forwarding, PPP over L2TP, Wireguard/OpenVPN, etc.

The mentality behind Fedfree is that all the organisations out there, like SFC, GNU, EFF, FSF… April… all these organisations are good, but they can only do so much. We as libre software activists must organise, but how? First, we need infrastructure, our own infrastructure that we control, and we need a charter that defines our movement. By definition, the libre movement is loose and free, where people can do whatever they like, but most people today use centralised hosting services like Github, which means we have huge single points of failure.

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