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Although the purpose of Fedfree is to promote decentralisation, someone does have to control what is naturally a centralised resource, specifically the fedfree.org domain name and corresponding website.

The purpose of this page is to clearly define who maintains the Fedfree infrastructure, how decisions are made upon it, and in general how the website is maintained.


Fedfree is intended to be a collaborative project, with many people working on it. Since Fedfree is a very young project, it currently adheres to a BDFL model of leadership, but it is the intention of its founder Leah Rowe to establish a flat hierarchical form of management in the future, with decisions taken subject to a formalised committee. It is expected that this form of leadership will evolve naturally, over time, as more people become involved with the running of the Fedfree website.

It is not the intention of this project, Fedfree, to become a large centralised infrastructure provider, in any capacity. The less infrastructure Fedfree has, the better, because its purpose is precisely to show how you yourself can host your own infrastructure, as was originally intended by the engineers who built the internet.

Leah Rowe (founder of Fedfree)

Leah Rowe is the founder of fedfree.org. Leah is also responsible for the Libreboot project, a founding member of Fedfree.

Leah owns and operates the fedfree.org servers from a lab somewhere in the UK, reviewing your pull requests with great benevolence.

Help needed!

Any person can submit a guide to Fedfree, which (subject to review) could then be hosted on the Fedfree website. Learn how to contribute on the git page

Fedfree is intended to be a one-stop-shop for any sort of information you need, to run any kind of infrastructure for your project. It is critical that we return to the real internet where every participant has their own unique voice, free from the tyranny of centralised gatekeepers like GitHub.

You can help make this a reality. If there’s a guide missing on Fedfree that you believe it should have, then write that guide!

Fedfree’s philosophy is: help people to help themselves. You can help Fedfree do just that!

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