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Leah Rowe

8 January 2023

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Article published by: Leah Rowe

Date of publication: 8 January 2023

Two days ago, I published this guide:

Nginx web server on Debian with LetsEncrypt HTTPS and Certbot

If you followed the guide before now, about 5PM UK time on 8 January 2023, or the follow-up guide for it that was briefly online:

Re-read the guide again.

The initial version of the guide had you stop nginx before making certificates in certbot, or renewing them.

A follow-up guide, briefly online, showed you how to disable only plain HTTP but not HTTPS sites, to make certbot work; this meant HTTP-to-HTTPS redirects were disabled during certificate renewal.

The newly improved version of the main guide tells you how to renew certificates without disabling anything. Plain HTTP to HTTPS redirects stay in place, and HTTPS sites stay online. Everything stays online. When renewal is done, the nginx config quietly reloads, to get the new certificates.

In other words, the new revision of the guide gives you 100% uptime, assuming no other faults of any kind (such as network downtime, or a tantalum capacitor shorts and there’s no fuse, and everything burns - a million things could happen, and do happen, every day, somewhere in the world).

Have fun!

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