New guide published: authoritative-only DNS

Leah Rowe

26 December 2022

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Article published by: Leah Rowe

Date of publication: 26 December 2022

Typically, when you set up webhosting, you specify name servers which are authoritative for your domain name, where you then specify records such as A/AAAA for www and other subdomains, in addition to the bare domain name.

Typically, these name servers are provided by your domain name registrar or CDN provider.

In this newly written guide, I show how you can run your own name servers running ISC’s bind9. Check it out!

Guide available on docs/dns/debian-bind.html

A separate guide is also available, showing how to configure DNS zone files, for use with bind9: docs/dns/zonefile-bind.html

Nginx web server tutorial coming next. Complete with LetsEncrypt HTTPS (SNI), virtual hosts and HTTP/2. All modern ciphers, HSTS and more.

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