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Routing freedom is a big deal. We don’t yet have it in every country, but did you know? So long as you have an internet connection, you can always tunnel static IPv4 and IPv6 subnets to your own home. that tunnel when it’s online.

SSH port forwarding on any Linux/BSD

NOTE: TCP only.

PPP over L2TP (tunnel)

These guides will teach you how to host services behind static IP addresses, anywhere in the world, even if your ISP doesn’t assign static IPs. This is similar to a typical VPN service.

Debian (probably works on Devuan):

PPP over Ethernet (hardline)

PPPoE is a common method by which subscribers connect to their ISP. Some ISPs provide static IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses natively, with the intent to let their customers run servers. If your ISP allows this, whenever you are in the world, please consider writing a guide and submitting it to Fedfree.

UK: Andrews & Arnold Ltd (A&A / AAISP)

If you’re in the UK, Andrews & Arnold is one of the best ISPs available. They provide unfiltered, unshaped service, with static IPv4 and IPv6 subnets available. They’ve provided IPv6 to customers since year 2002, the same year the Spiderman movie starring Tobias McGuire came out.


NOTE: A&A also provide L2TP service, so that you can tunnel traffic via them from another ISP.

Docsis (cable ISPs)


Word of caution with Docsis: higher latency and lower MTU with these types of services, but in some cases they may be the best in terms of speed. Most of these cable providers don’t let you run servers, but you can always just make a tunnel router.

Fun fact: in the UK, Virgin Media Business provides static IPv4 addresses on request, but it’s crap; they simply configure a GRE tunnel for you to use, thus lowering your MTU for all internet access. It’s better on that ISP, in the UK, to use A&A’s L2TP tunnel service, via dynamic IP allocation from VMB.

Here’s another fun fact about VM:

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